What Services We Offer

Whale of Hope provides Room, Board and Watchful Oversight (R.B.W.O.) which is the provision of lodging, food, and attentive responsible care to children. Whale of Hope will be responsible for the provision or acquisition of services to ensure that each child’s physical, social, emotional, nutritional, educational/vocational, spiritual/cultural and permanency needs are met.

In addition, Whale of Hope offers counseling, spiritual, and vocational services which in-turn helps develops a youth’s independent living skills which include such things as menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, dining decorum, kitchen cleanup and food storage, home management, and home safety.

Services Provided included:

  • Social Skill Training & Youth Development
  • Outpatient Group & Individual Counseling
  • Etiquette, Self-Esteem and Personal Hygiene Development
  • Educational Counseling and Curriculum Lesson Planning
  • Leisure & Recreational Activities
  • Transportation to and from Appointments and Home Visits
  • Education Services
  • Youth Leadership Programs
  • Tutoring
  • Home School Services