Transitional Living Program

Our Transitional living program is a residential service specifically designed to serve youth 14 years old or older for whom transitional living services or treatment goals include basic life skills training towards independent living.  A transitional living program allows opportunities for youth to start early to build a strong foundation of life skills and community connections.
The transitional living program has a comprehensive life skills training program for youth that develops competency in the following areas:

  • Health and general safety.
  • Money management, budget planning, and knowledge of available financial resources.
  • Use of local transportation resources.
  • Accessing local community resources.
  • Child health and safety, child development, and parenting skills, if the youth is a parent of a child living with them.

Other areas of life skills training  include:

  • Encouraging the youth to participate in community life and to form interpersonal relationships/friendships outside of the transitional living programs, such as community team sports, extracurricular activities and after-school employment.
  • Consumer education such as meal planning, meal preparation, grocery shopping,  apartment searches, and setting up utilities.
  • Career planning and enrolling in higher education or a vocational/technical training program.
  • Assisting in accessing medical and dental care, therapy, mental health services, legal resources, and emergency assistance.
  • Problem-solving, stress management, and establishing short and long term goals towards establishing independence.

Counseling & Assessment Services

Counseling Services

Our counseling services help youth improve skills, behaviors, manage emotions and learn to deal with life or personal problems. Counseling is provided by a licensed counselor. Our highest priority is to help bring happiness and well-being to by restoring mental balance. We want to help youth achieve freedom from old habits, develop healthy coping skills and find new ways to respond to life’s challenging situations.

Assessment Services

Our Assessment Services Program provides an initial evaluation of the appropriate placement for a child to ensure that appropriate information is obtained in order to facilitate service planning. Assessment services gather information to help figure out what behavioral health services your child and family may need and whether you are eligible. There are two parts to assessment services: intake and uniform assessment. Both services help determine your child’s eligibility for services, gather the required information, evaluate the clinical needs of your child, determine needs for mental health or substance use treatment and enroll or refer your child in services depending on those needs. 

Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral health treatments and services help people with common mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Our programs focus on the strengths of our youth and encourage the growth and improvement they need to navigate through life. We provide specialized cutting edge mental health care and education to youth.

Residential Treatment Services (24/7 care)

Residential treatment services for youth provide 24/7 care and supervision to ensure your loved one receives the support they need to overcome their challenges.


At our facility, we understand the unique needs of young people struggling with mental health or behavioral issues. Our team of experienced and compassionate behavioral professionals are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment that promotes love, healing and growth.


Our residential treatment program offers individualized treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of each youth. We utilize evidence-based therapies and interventions to address a range of issues, including anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, and more.


With round-the-clock care and supervision, we offer a comprehensive ABA centric approach to treatment that includes therapeutic groups, individual counseling, and recreational activities. Our goal is to help your loved one develop the skills they need to thrive in all areas of their life.



At our residential treatment service, we are committed to providing exceptional care and support to help youth overcome their challenges and achieve lasting success. Contact us today to learn more about our program and how we can help your loved one.

Hope: Mentoring and Grant Assistance

HOPE Mentoring is a FREE service for young adults (18+) that are transitioning into adulthood. We understand that navigating life can be challenging, especially for young adults who are trying to find their way. Our experienced mentors are here to provide guidance, support, and accountability to help you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.


Our mentoring program offers personalized support tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are struggling with financial issues, trying to find a fulfilling career, or need help navigating relationships, our mentors are here to help. We work with you to set achievable goals and develop a plan to reach them, providing ongoing support and encouragement along the way.


Our mentors are experienced professionals who have successfully navigated their own challenges and are committed to helping you succeed. They offer practical advice, proven strategies, and a wealth of knowledge to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your full potential.

We understand that every person’s journey is unique, which is why our mentoring program is tailored to your individual needs. We offer flexible scheduling, personalized support, and a commitment to your success that extends beyond our sessions.


If you are a young adult looking to overcome life challenges, financial issues, or achieve your goals, our mentoring service is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our program and how we can support you on your journey to success.


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